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Ping Proxies provides a range of industry-leading proxy solutions for Retail botting and scrapping sites such as Amazon. Our proxies work software and can easily be added to any scripts or bots to either scrape product data or buy products.

Why do you need proxies for Amazon?
When botting Amazon you will need proxies. This is because these websites employ advanced cybersecurity techniques which detect when you are trying to purchase multiple items from a single IP address (A unique networking identifier for your PC). To circumvent detection and buy multiple with your bot, you will need to reroute your internet traffic through a number of different proxy servers (proxies). This will result in the internet traffic looking like it is coming from different computers and as such, not violating the website one per customer policy. This should mean you can purchase multiple items with a single bot.

What is Retail Botting?
Retail botting is where people use automated software and bots to buy multiple in-demand items such as graphics card or game consoles from Retail websites such as Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy. They then resell these items on the secondary market for a big profit. It is entirely legal and is part of a growing industry.

Can you use any proxy?
No, you can't. Amazon has developed a range of techniques that allows them to detect certain connections from proxy servers and as such, these connections are then banned from their website. They do this by looking at a range of IP address characteristics such as usage history or owner and then maintaining blacklists of IP addresses that are banned from the site.
Most proxies that you can purchase on the internet will not work for Amazon. This is because their IP address characteristics cause them to be banned. The main thing that Amazon looks at is the IP address owner. Most proxies use IP addresses that are owned by datacenters. Amazon knows that real customers wouldn't have datacenter IP addresses and as such, these IP addresses are banned by sites.

Why are Ping Proxies the best proxies for Amazon?
At Ping Proxies, we get around these restrictions by using a range of advanced techniques which mean our proxies are undetectable by Amazon and their security partners. We do not use datacenter IP addresses and instead, use real residential/ISP IP addresses for our proxies products. This means, when using our Amazon proxies, the website will think you are a real customer and allow you to purchase multiple items.

Which should I buy for Amazon?
We offer a range of different Amazon proxies products. Our best products for you would be our Premium ISP or Residential Packages. Premium ISP proxies are faster and are charged per IP address, while Residential Packages allow you to generate unlimited proxies but are charged by bandwidth usage.

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