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Why do you need sneaker proxies for Footlocker?

You will need proxies for botting any Footsite website such as: Footlocker, Eastbay, Champs Sports or Footaction.

This is because these websites employ advanced cybersecurity techniques which detect when you are trying to purchase multiple pairs of shoes from a single IP address (A unique networking identifier for your PC).

This is due to these websites employing various cybersecurity techniques to detect users purchasing multiple pairs of sneakers from a single IP address. To prevent being detected, you will need proxies to hide your real location and reroute your internet connection to multiple IP addresses. This implies to their system it is multiple computers making separate orders and increase your chances of checkouts being successful.

Can you use any proxy for Footlocker Proxies?

Simple answer: no you can't!

Footlocker's cybersecurity partners, (such as Akami and Datadome), have developed a range of techniques to detect proxy server connections which leads to them being banned from their website. Their cybersecurity look for certain characteristics within the IP address like usage history and their owner which they use to maintain blacklists of IP addresses that are and will continue to be banned from their site.

Therefore, the majority of proxies available will not work on Footlocker. This is because their IP address characteristics cause them to be banned. Most proxies available are ones owned by datacenters - sneaker sites are aware that a real customer would not have a datacenter IP address and will be banned.

My Proxy Can Access Footlocker but I Can't Checkout?

Footlocker's cybersecurity system has a range of ban types which means certain proxies won't work and will be banned in different ways. The most obvious is their 403 Forbidden ban when accessing the site, this is enforced by Footlockers own website security and this usually happens if you access from an IP address which is owned by a datacenter or an ASN Footlocker has deemed as malicious.

Another type of ban is their Datadome block or captcha: Datadome do a check on your IP address and digital when you attempt to add a product to cart:

Footlocker also rate-limits requests from IP addresses if they send too much internet traffic in a short period of time. Luckily, these bans are usually temporary but repeated abuse can lead to the permanent banning of your IP address or proxy.

Which Ping Proxies are Best for Footlocker?

We offer a range of Footlocker proxies for the best chance of successful checkouts. Our best products for you on Footlocker would be our Premium ISP or Residential Packages. Premium ISP proxies are faster and are charged per IP address, while Residential Packages allow you to generate unlimited proxies but are charged by bandwidth usage.

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