South Park x Campus 80 'Towelie'
South Park x Campus 80 'Towelie'
April 20 2021
South Park x Campus 80 'Towelie'
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The South Park x adidas Campus 80 ‘Towelie’ showcases a unique build inspired by the animated series’ talking towel character. The low-top makes use of a lavender terry-cloth upper with contrasting white leather on the Trefoil-branded heel tab and signature three-stripes. Each tongue is decorated with Towelie’s cartoon eyes, which become pink and bloodshot when exposed to UV light. The interior tongue is equipped with a stash pocket and inscribed with a pair of mismatched quotes: ‘Don’t Forget to Bring a Towel’ on the left shoe and ‘I Have No Idea What’s Going On’ on the right.

SKU: GZ9177

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