Dunk Low 'From Nike, To You - Gorge Green'
Dunk Low 'From Nike, To You - Gorge Green'
November 21 2023
Dunk Low 'From Nike, To You - Gorge Green'
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The Nike Dunk Low �From Nike, To You� arrives with a smooth leather upper, featuring a base color in Gorge Green with contrasting overlays in Coconut Milk. Team Red accents land on the laces, lateral-side Swoosh, and back tab, marked with a Nike logo in stitched lettering. Additional branding elements include a blue medial-side Swoosh and a woven Nike tag atop the nylon tongue. The interior side is inscribed with the phrase �From Nike to You, Oregon USA.� The sneaker rests on an aged off-white midsole, contrasted by a rubber outsole in navy blue.

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