Jurassic Park x Pump Omni Zone 2 'Dilophosaurus'
Pump Omni
Jurassic Park x Pump Omni Zone 2 'Dilophosaurus'
July 30 2021
Jurassic Park x Pump Omni Zone 2 'Dilophosaurus'
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Taken from a capsule collection celebrating the 1993 adventure film, the Jurassic Park x Reebok Pump Omni Zone 2 ‘Dilophosaurus’ is inspired by the deadly dinosaur that memorably attacked computer programmer Dennis Nedry. The retro hoops shoe features a green nubuck upper with scaly accents on the collar and quarter panel. The rubber pump button atop the tongue displays the film’s T. Rex logo, while the tongue itself is rendered in yellow with veiny red accents — a nod to the Dilophosaurus’ signature crests. The sneaker arrives in special packaging that resembles Dennis Nedry’s mud-splattered Barbasol can, used by the character as a vessel to smuggle dinosaur embryos.

SKU: GY0549

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