Residential Sneaker Proxies
Perfect for Sneaker Botters. Unlimited IPs, Private and Dedicated IPs refreshed weekly.
Residential Sneaker
  • • 60 Day Term
  • • Optimized for faster speeds
  • • Sneaker Site Pools
  • • Pools Refreshed Weekly
  • • Unlimited IPs / Threads
Residential Customers
IP Addresses
Global Access Nodes
15 Billion +
Requests Monthly
Tier-1 Networks
We work with Tier-1 networks to ensure our global proxy network is the lightning fast and incredibly stable.
We maintain website-specific pools for major Sneaker sites including Nike, Yeezysupply, Footlocker, Hibbett and Zalando to ensure your proxies are always unbanned.
Ultra-Fast Speed
With over 150 access nodes globally, you can expect lightning fast speeds no matter you connection location.
Unlimited IPs / Threads
All our residential packages come with unlimited IP addresses and concurrent threads, just head to the dashboard and generate as many proxies as required.
Dedicated Proxy Pools
Every customer has Dedicated Proxy pools assigned to them individually to ensure other customers aren't interferring with your proxies.
Weekly IP Pool Refreshs
We refresh our dedicated Sneaker pools every week to ensure your proxies remain banned and you have access to the cleanest IPs.